30 Inspiring Ideas For Your Next Sewing Project

30 Inspiring Ideas For Your Next Sewing Project

Are you looking to start a new sewing project and looking for ideas? I have hunted the web high and low for these adorable finds for you to sink your teeth into and start your next sewing project. From beginner to advanced there are ideas for all. All the designs include links to the FREE patterns if required.

The Teloujay 2.0

This little crossbody bag features a statement front zipper pocket and a slip pocket to the rear. The bag closes with a top zip and inside it features another zip pocket for keeping your items secure. This little bag is ideal for carrying your essentials such as wallet, phone, keys and mask.

Get Pattern

Microwave heating pad

These DIY heating pads are super easy to make and are filled with rice, pop them in the microwave for a minute and you have your very own heating pad/hot water bottle. Not just cozy for winter, they can also help aid back ache, shoulder ache and period cramps.

Microwave heating pad sewing project

Tutorial: craftpicnic

Denim Whale

For this super cute whale you need a leg from a pair of old jeans, a tiny button for the eye, filling, sewing thread, a sewing machine and a little bit of patience.

Whale Sewing project, free pattuern

Free Sewing pattern: allmyfriendsareflowers.com

Mouse Zipper Purse

With this super cute sewing pattern you man make a mouse zipper purse, perfect gift or just for keeps.

Mouse zipper purse, seing project ideas

Tutorial: Fabricartdiy.com

Reusable Shopping bag

Save on plastic bags by making your very own reusable shopping bag. The reusable bags bought from the supermarket tend to be very ugly and don´t last that long, so why not make your own re-usable shopping bag.

Sewing Pattern for reusable shopping bag


Baby Yoda Sewing Pattern

Is there anything cuter than a baby Yoda? Such a fun project to make and would make an ideal gift for a loved one. The pattern is free and downloadable with comprehensive instructions. I would say it is for advanced beginner to intermediate level but definitely think anyone can have a go. If you follow the tutorial carefully you will end up with a really cute addition to your plush family. I have linked to the required products to save you time and as an amazon associate I make a commission from qualifying purchases if you use the affiliate link with no extra cost to you.

Finished plush  dimensions: 11.5”tall, 17”wide

Materials needed to make:

● 1 yard olive green fleece for body, head, hands, feet.
●1/4 yard tan fleece for jacket.
●5”wide x 2.5” tall piece white felt for eye whites
●5” wide x 2.5” tall piece black felt for eye iris
● Scrap fabric for polyester pellets bag
●Face embroidery: 1.5 yards black embroidery floss

Click Here For Free Pattern

Sew Pretty Dish Towels

If you are looking for crafts to make and sell this could be a great option for you. Who doesn´t need new dish towels. What a wonderful way to use us those left over ribbons and scaps of material than to make bespoke pretty dish towels? Designer dish towels are so expensive, so this is an easy and satisfying alternative with an added bonus of being useful and brightening up the kitchen.

Sew Pretty Dish Towels

Tutorial: morelikegrace.com

Mitered Corner Napkins

Another fun and easy project that s good for everyday wear. These napkins add a touch of elegance to the table and cut down on waste.

Tutorial: Craftyforhome

Make a floor pillow

So useful for the little ones and not so little ones, whether they are reading, playing or watching TV, these floor pillows are a great idea. Use your favorite fabrics or coordinate with the house decor to really make them a feature item.

Sew A Floor Pillow Tutorial and Pattern

Tutorial: fynesdesigns.com

Adorable tie scrunchie

Who doesn´t like a scrunchie? For those hair back dos this adorable scrunchie is a go to item and easy to make. Check out this novel idea for a see through scrunchie with surprise:

see through scrunchie

source: Skylar Grindle

Sew Your Own Hair Scrunchie

Source: sewcanshe.com

The Everyday Dress

This dress goes by its name, the everyday dress. It is super comfortable, has sleeves, goes down to the knee, has pockets, and last but by no means least, is very easy to sew!

everyday dress sewing ideas

Source: itsalwaysautumn.com

Windmill Tote Bag

An original take on the tote bag, this bag, described as a windmill, as four strips of fabric have been used in the initial pattern – the shape of a windmill!. A beautiful bag and fun to find the complimenting fabrics to make it!

A Windmill Bag, Sewing Project

Source: Sewingtimes

One Piece Quilt Bag

One Piece fabric quilt bag. A very elegant tote bag that is made from one piece of fabric, making it easier to make than it looks.

One Piece quilt bag, free pattern

Free Pattern: redquilt

Turorial: Watch

Out The Door Organizer.

How many times have you wasted time before leaving the house looking for your phone, keys, billfold or glasses? This so handy organizer is made to hang on the back of your front door to hold all of that vital stuff you need to leave the house. Never be late for an appointment because you couldn’t find your keys again!

Out the door organizer, free sewing tutorial

Source: sewcanshe

The Worlds Sweetest Needlebook

Quite possibly the world sweetest needlebook, with pages for all your different needles, even places where scraps of materials can go.

Heart Needlebook, perfect gift

Source: Annwoodhandmade

Flora the elephant

Such a cute little elephant, the choice of fabrics doesn´t necessarily need to be floral although it is apt considering the name of the pattern.

Elephant Toy Sewing Pattuern and Tutorial

Free Pattern: Bustle&Sew

3 Zip Bag

For the more adventurous, a designer style shoulder bag with 3 zippers. What I love about the example bag is the bright materials used against the lining.

3 zip designer style sewing bag

Free Pattern: Sewcanshe.com

DIY Seatbelt Pillow

Easy and simple to make this DIY seatbelt pillow is designed for road trips and includes a pocket for the phone.

DIY Seatbelt Pillow


Sewing machine mat

A neat little mat to place under the sewing machine keeps your sewing desk area clean. It has 5 pockets to hold all the things you end up rummaging for while you sew – thread clippers, needles, pins, clips and seam rippers.

Sewing machine mat, seing project

Tutorial: seekatesew.com

Ultimate carry all bag

This bag is an Etsy Bestseller and will carry and organize all of your sewing, quilting and craft supplies. With 18 pockets and additional vinyl clear bags it has room for those smaller sewing items – needles, thimbles or embellishments.

Ultimate carry bag, sewing project


Fat Quarter Friendly Draw String Bag

These bags are cute, useful and quick and easy to make. Requiring only basic equipment, the chances are you will have everything at home already required to make them.

Draw String Bag Sewing Tutorial

Tutorial: SewVeryEasy

Make a Memory Bear

Have you ever found yourself holding on to those precious clothes that are now too small for your little ones and you can´t bear to part with them? Maybe you want to create an item from the old clothes of a passed loved one. This memory bear allows you to make clothes into a keep sake to treasure for more time to come.

Memory Bear Free Sewing Pattern

Tutorial & Free Pattern: PA Country Crafts

Cactus Pin Cushion

What could be cuter than this cactus pin cushion. A super useful item and great fun to make. It looks great placed in the craft room or on your sewing desk.

Cactus pin cushion

Tutorial: sew&tell

Pouch box

This cute little box shaped pouch is ideal for storing make-up, sewing supplies, jewelry, small items, toys and more! It measures about 5’’ x 7’’ on the top and 2 1/2’’ deep. Rated intermediate level for someone who is comfortable using the zipper foot on their machine and has applied binding before (the binding is probably the trickiest part).

pouch box sewing pattern

Tutorial and pattern

Tablet Case

Don´t pay top dollar prices for one of the many boring tablet covers on the market – make your own! Not only can you choose which fabric to use, it serves to protect your tablet and also acts as a stand to watch videos. It is also easy to make.

Tablet case Sewing Pattern

Tutorial and pattern

Sew A Walker Bag

This free walker bag pattern allows you to carry everything you need in a bag which can hang on the front of the walker. The front pockets allow you to store all those go-to items that you need on the go – glasses, notebook, phone, wallet.

The bag is suitable for most sized walkers, but is easily adjustable to fit your needs. Perfect to make for your needs, a gift for others or donation to nursing homes.


Make an Easy Sew Instant Pot Cover

If you too have jumped on the bandwagon and got yourself an Instant pot, this sewing idea is for you. Keep your Instant pot clean and looking beautiful with this Easy Sew Instant Pot Cover.

Easy instant pot cover


Pattern and Tutorial

Knit Bow Headband

These knit bow headband are not just for the little people in your life. Taming any out of control hair, they are a comfortable fit, with the bow adding flair to any outfit.

knit bow headband sewing pattern

Tutorial and Pattern

Mermaid Snap Money Pouch

This is a great idea for a money pouch. The snap part made from repurposed measuring tape, which allows the top to snap in to place without the need of using a zipper. Its easy to store coins and would make the perfect gift.

Sew A Mermaid Snap Pouch


Make your own yoga pants

Making your own yoga pants not only means you can play with your choice of fabrics but get them exactly the right size. Make a custom pattern to suit your bespoke measurements.

Yoga Pants Pattern

tutorial and pattern

Felt Unicorn

These gorgeous little felt unicorns make such a nice gift. You can custom make the colors accordingly. Whether you have a little girl fascinated by unicorns or simply want to satisfy the inner spirit, these are definitely a sewing project to try.

Felt Unicorn Free Pattern Sweing Project

Tutoral, Pattern

Most Functional Wallet Ever

The last but by no means least sewing project idea is this functional wallet, labeled the most functional wallet ever it has every compartment you could possible need. Use your favorite fabrics to create this designer styled wallet.

Functional Waller With Shoulder Stap Sewin Project


I hope I have given you some ideas and inspirations for your next sewing project. Did you complete one of these? I would love to hear from you in the comments.




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