Easter Egg Hunt Ideas – Let´s Make Memories!

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas – Let´s Make Memories!

If, like me you are planning an ester egg hunt this year, you may be looking for some ideas to add little extra creativity in to the mix. You can turn a game that traditionally hunts for sweets in to a hunt to complete puzzles, clues and even some glow in the dark eggs. Its family games like these that kids really love and you are building memories to last a lifetime.

Confetti eggs or cascarones.

Popular in Mexico, cascarones are hollow eggs that are decorated and filled with confetti. When you discover one you take them and smash over someones head.

Confetti eggs or cascarones for your easter egg hunt


Night Time Hunt

Add an extra dimension to the hunt with glow in the dark eggs. Simply add a glow stick to the inside of the egg allowing you to have the hunt after dark. This is great for adding some spice to the hunt to keep it as exciting for the older ones.

Glow in the dark easter eggs for your hunt


Add clues

Instead of just randomly hiding the eggs in the house or garden, add clues as they go from one egg o another to make it in to a treasure hunt.

Easter egg clues printables

Get Printables

Hanging Egg Poppers

These are piñata style eggs that you hand from a tree. You basically need to crank down at the string and pop the egg open releasing the contents.

piñata style popping eggs for your easter egg hunt


Easter Bunny Footprnts

Footprints are not just reserved for Santa, the Easter Bunny also has right to some footprints! Simply cut out the feet from a paper template and sprinkle with flour. The little ones will actually believe the Easter bunny has been! Make it so the footprints show the way to the prizes or clues. Easily washable with a garden hose when you are done.

Easter bunny footprints for your Easter hunt

Add some challenges to the eggs

Inside every egg add a little challenge to complete before moving on to the next egg. It could be anything age related, stand on one foot for 2 mins for example, or a math challenge. Here is one from Alice and Lois that has a free printable which is suitable for ages 3-5.

Add A challenge to your easter egg hunt


Message in an EGG!!

Hide a message in one of the eggs that gives the directions for finding the big prize. The only way to reveal the message is to crack the egg!

Secret egg message - easter egg hunt


Complete a puzzle

Create a puzzle using a blank jigsaw puzzle, on the complete puzzle make a clue where the final prize is hiding. The children have to find all the pieces in the eggs, complete the puzzle and that will lead them to the final prize.

Add a puzzle to your eggs, easter egg hunt

Easter egg matching game

This is a great one if children of different ages are playing, or you want to an end prizes so every child gets one. Basically you give cards outlining what eggs everyone has to find. If they see another egg that doesn´t contain their color scheme they leave it where they found it. If you have ever had an egg hunt end in tears because someone got more eggs than the other this is for you – there is nothing worse than having all your hard work ends in tears for the kids and frustration for you!

Easter Egg Map for your easter egg hunt


Ditch the sugar

If you want to cut down the amount of sugary treats your family east, then instead of filling the eggs with sweets, fill the with “Yolk points”, these can be added together and traded for prizes, like tokens in a funfair.

trade points for prizes, easter egg hunt

I hope these 10 different ideas have added some inspiration for your Easter egg hunt this year. If you like this post, don´t forget to pin it to save the ideas.



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  1. Dawn

    February 18, 2020 at 12:52 pm

    What a great bunch of ideas! I especially love the confetti filled eggs.
    Thank you for sharing.

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