What glue do you use to fix squishies?

What glue do you use to fix squishies?

Originating in Japan, the squishy toy has become a popular icon all around the world and its not hard to see why, the pleasant squish-able nature is both stress relieving and somewhat addictive by nature, making it hard to put your squishy down. Available in every kind of shape and popular with both the young and the old. Lately the more rare or limited edition squishes have become popular as everyone wants to own something unique.

After playing with your squishy for while it is pretty normal it starts to tear. First thing is don’t be too disappointed as there is no need to throw your squishy away, you have the opportunity to undergo the art of squishy fixing!!!

Which glue is best to fix a squishy?

If you are after a squishy repair glue, you may think using the strongest glue in your house a safe bet to fix a torn or broken squishy, however some glues, like super glue, when dry can leave hard areas in the squishy, which brings less than optimum performance when it comes to being squished.

The best glue for fixing or repairing a squishy is undoubtedly fabric glue as this hold firm without forming hard parts. When choosing your fabric glue be sure to choose one that is easy to apply, that is with a small head for easy application and one that is fast drying.

Di you know you can slo make a squishy transplant by attaching one part of a squishy to another, this opens up a whole new creative craze of bespoke squishy making. Simply prepare the area you want to add part of the squishy on with a little sand paper to take the glue and attach a part of the squishy from another squishy. Hold this area in place with a rubber band while the glue dries and one set, remove the rubber band and you are done. You can finish off the squishy transformation by painting it.

Which paint is best to paint a squishy

Most paints will start to peel off when applied to the squishy and when the squishy is squished, for this reason like with the glue it is recommended paint that will be flexible enough to stay on the squishy after it is dry. The use of oil or acrylic paints would result in peeling of the paint and so are not suitable if you want to maintain the squishiness of your squishy. The best glue for painting your squishy is fabric paint that will bend and move with your squishy. You can paint over the existing colors of the existing squshy to make a completely new character or design.



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