Top Ikea Office Hacks

Top Ikea Office Hacks

A home office is important right now. Working from home is the new norm and we need a space that both invites and inspires us. Ikea offers the perfect solution with modern classic office pieces, simply add a little touch of your personality to bring the pieces alive. The following Ikea office hacks will hopefully give you some inspiration on how you can turn your office in to an area that you love.

From the desk to the top cupboards, shelves and pegs its hard to believe this look comes from Ikea. The teaming of beige checkered wallpaper and white wall cladding, simple but neutral accessories complete the look.

Ikea desk home office hack


window floating desk ikea hack


Here the same Ikea draws have been used with additional handles.

Bring the outside in with added greenery around the desk, the added oxygen may help you concentrate.

plant home office hack


Dont just stick to the office furniture in Ikea: this Ikea office hack made with a kitchen top and bathroom cabinets all from ikea — it only took about 5 trips to all FOUR stores in LA & OC 🤣 and about 3 days to build a desk but I think all that effort was worth it. Full details can be seen on their bio.

Ikea office hack


For those who need a dedicated space for their crafting here the all natural tones and materials make this a tranquil and calming zone for any creativity.

Ikea hack corner crafting desk


This stunning desk set-up used 2 of the £16 Linnmon desks and used the oak finish wood effect vinyl from to give the desks a softer homier touch.
.A new grey rug was added that blend with the carpet perfectly and desk chairs are also from ikea.
.The wall colour freshens the space, keeping it light, but also making the room seem so much more warm and inviting.
ikea pax home office hack


Shelves over the desk provide some focal point to eh decor and some space for organisation. Be careful not to make the selves a clutter zone as this will take away from the harmony of the office. Instead fill them with key design pieces to set the design tone of your office.

Ikea shelves over desk


You don’t need a designated room to act as an office, this landing area makes a perfect working space. Karen has used the IKEA laminate countertop and the micke cabinets ( without the wheels) because they are 40$ less than the Alex but are almost the same . A slipper chair has also been used just for added comfort. I think you will agree the result has transformed the empty space in to a fabulous working environment.

Ikea office stairs

source: Karen Doherty




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