Must See Neutral Christmas Decor

Must See Neutral Christmas Decor

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Christmas this year is is going to look a lot different than previous years and the following decor sums it up for me. Cozy knits, chunky blankets and simple decor.

A tree with star garlands, white fairy lights and a few bell accessories to accompany a wreath make this look a timeless classic.

10 Must See Neutral Christmas Decorations

source: christmashyped

Add a range of chunky knits to add an extra level of coziness and a quick blanket to snuggle under.

Must See Neutral Christmas Decor


Keeping the decor all white is so effective, contrast with Marquee light up letters.

Must see neutral Christmas decor

source: christmashyped

White bows adds some glamor.

Neutral Christmas Decor


Bohemian Christmas Stocking

Must have neutral Christmas decor


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