Ikea Tarva Farmhouse Hack

Ikea Tarva Farmhouse Hack

The three draw Ikea Tarva is a classic pine chest of draws coming in at a very reasonable $99. It is also available in. many other sizes, but I like the three draws for the neatness and the size fits my bedroom perfectly. I wanted however a look that was a little more classic and dare I say it a little more expensive looking. As much as I like the pine, I wanted more of a farmhouse look to match my rustic headboard. I decided to go with the classic white base and dark stained top, such an elegant timeless look that I felt would go perfectly with the rest of my bedroom.

The following is how I completed the following farmhouse classic Tarva hack. I hope you find it useful on your journey to creating the perfect furniture for your home. It really does show that Ikea can provide the perfect base for an item you want and with a little bit of time and care you too can create the perfect item of furniture for your home.

I have used mine as a bed side table, the size is perfect for the room and the storage size is convenient, but I think it would be perfect also in the lounge.

Ikea Tarva Farmhouse Hack

You will need a decent space to work, the separate pieces of the Tarva need to be laid out for painting and drying. I took over my garage, but if you donĀ“t have a garage I recommend taking over a full room for a few days while you work.

Before assembly of the Tarva I added the front panels to the front of the draw pieces, I bought the paneling at the local hardware store, they were able to cut it to the correct size and I simply used wood glue to affix it in to place. The front of the draws has the square paneling on the perimeter and the size has the X pattern.

Once the paneling was dry I used painted the whole of the unit white. I used white mat wood paint and a roller to paint each of the pieces individually. It did take two coats and Im not going to lie it did take a couple of days as I let them dry between coats.

The top of the unit I used dark wood stain to get the darker colour, this was a very satisfying and easy step.

Then comes the fun part, the assembly and the vision of all the hard work coming togetherĀ and there you have it, the perfect Ikea Tarva farmhouse style hack. Match with the perfect accesories to really make this item of furniture pop.

I hope you like this Ikea Tarva Farmhouse Hack, let me know in the comments if you have tried something similar or if you are thinking of making a similar item for your home. This same hack would be suitable for many types of Ikea Tarva furniture, for instance the double draw unit for a larger farmhouse item for your lounge.

Ikea Tarva farmhouse hack

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