Ikea Rast Hack – White Modern

Ikea Rast Hack – White Modern

The Ikea rast chest of draws comes in at $69 and while its simple Scandinavian look is attractive, it is the perfect unit for hacking. Even on their website they encourage you to Mae this unit your own. Its the perfect plain base unit to start and the following hack is so simple, yet so effective and has turned the basic Rest in to a unique designer piece.

So how do you turn this:

rast plain chest of draws

to this:

Ikea rast modern hack

1) Before putting the draws together you need to fill and sand the original holes on the from of the draw for the handles.

2) You need to paint the front of the draws a white gloss or matt spray paint, depending on your preference.

3) You add the black handles at the top of the draws in the centre with small screws and a drill (the screws should come with the handles)

4) If you want a darker wood look on the outside of the draws yo will need to give the Rast a coat of wood stain, but this is according to personal preference.

5 You build the draws as per Ikea instructions and there you are, an exclusive designer looking piece of furniture.

And here we are, a stunning piece of furniture. The best part about an Ikea hack is you have a unique item…just for you!

Happy hacking!!

Ikea Rast Modern Hack



Maria Gonzalez
Maria Gonzalez

I am an art and craft fanatic, most items in my house have been upcycled and the art work is by me! I love to try new techniques and research new tips. By day I am a craft researcher and in my spare time I like to do acrylic pour paintings, make things and upcycle.

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