Amazing Ikea Kitchen Hacks

Amazing Ikea Kitchen Hacks

What I love about ikea hacks most is you can create a custom piece of furniture for a fraction of the price, and the same goes with the kitchen. Why pay 1000´s for those little add-ons in a designer kitchen, when you can create your own. From storage solutions to kitchen islands all can be easily created from basic ikea items at a fraction of the cost. I have searched the web high and low to bring you the best hacks around and I hope you will like them as much as I did. Maybe you want to create some fun decor, or perhaps a more inviting space in your kitchen, then these hacks are for you! If you have an Ikea kitchen hack, send us a photo we would love to see!

Breakfast bar solution

This ikea hack has taken the Kallax 8 shelf unit (69.99) and simply attached 8 of the billy shelves ($15) to the top. The unit makes a perfect breakfast bar in the space between the kitchen and lounge. The Vittsjo styled unit and abundant plants really finish off the look.

Source: @tinynest183

This is such a soul warming look with the warm tones of wood used in the back wall and floor and to top it of the table folds away to create extra room when not in use and hide all the cupboard gadgets. This look consists of the IVAR foldable table unit ($199)

IVAR foldable table unit Ikea hack

Source: @simply_hannah_home_ve


Do not let any space go to waste with the organization of your kitchen. This cupboard is the perfect example and the perfect space for storing all the grains and legumes.


Upgrade existing pieces in your kitchen


Item used: Bekvam Kichen Cart $69.99
This is such a popular item not just because of the price point, but also the functionality is provides for the kitchen. However as it comes, in solid birch, although nice and solid, look somewhat plain and dare we say cheap.
In this hack the bottom part has been painted a stylish dark grey and the top block replaced with marble. You could cover it with marble vinyl to get the look.

Ikea Kitchen Cart Hack

I also love the industrial towel rail they have added to the side.

Source: Oliveranddrus

Here is another take on the kitchen cart, it definitely looks more expensive than it was.

Ikea Kitchen Cart Hack


Solutions for small kitchens

This rolling island is the perfect solution for adding more counter space and providing a neat little breakfast bar at the same time. Its basically a Kallax unit (39.99) with the storage compartments and the bottom taken out. Some nice little casters have been added and the look finished off with the popping yellow stools.

Ikea Kitchen hack rolling island


Check out this breakfast bar with a view! This hack has taken a floating lack shelf (19.99) and attached it to the wall using the Ekby Valter wall brakets ($5), the look has been finished off with the Skogsta stools ($24.99)

Floating shelf breakfast bar

For the larger kitchen this Ikea kitchen island hack takes a hemnes dresser ($249) adding a karlby countertop ($189), attching them with the Ekby bracktes ($5), the resulting island looks high end and provides ample storage.

The Kitchen Island Hack

Many pieces of the ikea furniture provides a low cost alternative to the kitchen island as seen in the following. For the larger kitchen this Ikea kitchen island hack takes a hemnes dresser ($249) adding a karlby countertop ($189), attching them with the Ekby bracktes ($5), the resulting island looks high end and provides ample storage.

hemnes dresser ikea hac

Another take, providing modern crisp lines using the Malm draws ($89each)

Malm draws Ikea kitchen hack

Source @Ginawohnen

This farmhouse hack works beautifully with the rest of the kitchen.

Ikea kitchen island farmhouse hack

A DIY Dining Booth

Turn an ordinary dining room in to a dining booth with the following hack. Here a stunning dining booth has been made with two Ikea Kallax bookshelves for the bases. Its covered with 4’x6′ plywood with batting and fabric using a staple gun for the backs, covered plywood in the same way to fit the benches. The cubbies below are great for storage.

Ikea Kallax kitchen beck hack

If you have extra wall space or need to find extra storage solutions these Knagglig crates ($5.99) are definitely something to consider. In the example below the backs of them have been painted to match the splash back. It gives a modern funky look to the kitchen and can be replicated for under $20 including the paint.

Ikea crates wall decor

Pantry Solution

The next idea is not so much a hack, more of a re-purposing a product selection. We have all see the versatile Stuva cupboard selections. Below has taken one long cupboard base selection ($69.99), two short pairs of doors ($24.99×2) and used the wire baskets for the food storage ($6 each). This not only allows more used of space than cupboards with the draw layout, the wire baskets are perfect for air circulation keeping the food fresher for longer, plus you can see exactly what you have in the pantry.

Ikea Stuva used for pantry

Source: Marie and Aaron from Sydney

Raising the cupboards and adding a shelf

This is a kitchen hack that can lift just about any kitchen, not only opening up the space but adding extra vital storage.

Kitchen Hack raising cupboard and adding shelf

Source: thecrazycraftlady

For those who do not like kitchen cupboards in the top half of their kitchen and prefer shelves, this bathroom rail turned kitchen shelving hack is something to consider. Providing modern shelving options to display neat food store jars. The bonus of this is that hooks can be added underneath to hand useful kitchen utensils. Items used Brogrund ($12.99)

Floating shelf kitchen Ikea hack


While we are on the subject of open shelves, this bracket hack has taken a $1.50/pair of curtain rod brackets and used them as shelf brackets! Just taken the top of with an angle grinder and the resulting look matches the wooden shelves perfectly.

Open shelves curtain rail ikea hack

Source: @indianalleydesigns

Chopping boards turned trendy wall clock is the next hack. Taking the simple chopping board ($4.99) adding a clock motor turns the chopping board in to an elegant clock.

Source: Ichdesigner

Low Cost Kitchen Sideboard

The Ikea Kallax is so vesitile. This following hack takes the 4 draw unit (39.99), attached brushed chrome legs and the Elvarli bamboo shelf, 31 1/2×20 1/8″ ($35.00) and created this look for under $100. If you have ever been left wondering where to put the microwave this could be a great solution.


This FÖRHÖJA kitchen cart ($109) gets a whole new life as a sideboard with a charming blue and black colour scheme.


Amazing storage solutions you need in your kitchen

This oh so simple hack has taken the Sunnersta rail ($1.99) and containers ($0.99) and tailored them to fit under the kitchen sink, providing perfect storage and easy reachable solution for the dishwasher and washing tablets.

Ikea kitchen organisation hack


Those file holders can also get a new life in the kitchen, why not use them to store water bottles, glad wrap and tinfoil. There is such wasted space behind the cupboard door under the sink, its smart to make use of it and get organized.

Files For Kitchen Storage

Source: @@simply_organized_vienn

Oh So Charming Coffee Station

The Fintorp black rail ($7) makes the perfect cup holders for a coffee station.

Source: A Farmhouse Reborn

I hope I have inspired you to find the perfect hack to make your kitchen the heart and soul of the house.


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