Easy DIY Coastal Decor

Easy DIY Coastal Decor

Whether you live near the beach, or want to bring the beach to you, these 10 easy coastal themed decor ideas will be sure to inspire you to get creative.

Seahorse Wall Decor

Nothing says beach more than blue and green glass gems, like those beautifully pummeled glass treasures that wash up on the shore. This captures that very essence and is a really simple DIY. Paint a seahorse cut out the colour of choice, here a blue grey has been used, but you could choose any color really. Using a glue gun glue the glass gems individually until the whole seahorse is covered. I love it when the sun shines through it!

Seahorse DIY Beach Decor

Nautical Wall Art In Neutral Tones

Keeping the design simple and sticking to neutral tones adds an additional beauty to design as in the following DIY Decor. This look is so easy to achieve simply take a white picture frame, take out the glass and add a square of hessian fabric to the back support, replace back in the frame to get a blank canvas to work with. To this fabric, add the decor of choice. You can used white star fish like in this example, or shells.

Simple starfish wall decor

Nautical Rope Mirror

Adding nautical rope to a round mirror makes a great feature piece. In fact any piece of decor can be given the nautical look simply by adding nautical rope.

Nautical Rope Mirror


Decorative Bottles

The following look can be easily achieved with fishing netting and a left over green wine bottle. The ends of the netting are finished with hessian rope cord. Finish the look by decorating with a white star fish. Add fairy lights to make this an amazing feature.

Bottles with fairy lights sea theme


DIY Wall Art

The following wall art was made from an old sign that was painted. Word art was then added along side a couple of sea decor pieces. The edges finished with hessian rope. The result is simply stunning.

DIY Coastal theme Wall art


Beach Planter

For those who donĀ“t like too many decorative ornaments, a simple up-cycle of an exiting planter with hessian cord really brings a statement to the room. The planter has been finished with a homemade tassle to really add a high end feel.

DIY Beach Planter


Feature Wall Decor

Make a feature of the room with this wall art idea. Simple attach 9 picture frames together all with wooden backing paper and decorate with shells and starfish. The simplicity and symmetry really make a beautiful piece.

Coastal Wall Art, starfish and shells


DIY Nautical Candle

There is something so homely about candles. Maybe you already have some glass candle holders like the picture? These are easy to up-cycle with the addition of nautical rope, finishing the look with a starfish. Keeping the colors neutral brings a calming feel, that would match any surrounding color scheme.

Easy Diy Nautical Candle


Shell Fairy Lights

Wrap shell fairy lights around a collection of wood for a romantic beach vibe, that continues in to the night.

Shell Fairy Lights

Boat Wall Shelf

Believe it or not this boat wall shelf have been made with Popsicle sticks and all the equipment came in under $5.

DIY Boat Shelf Under $5


To create a beach look there are a few simple ingredients – stick to neutral or blue/green tones, keep mirrors round, use netting or rope to customize and add shells, starfish to decorate.

Maria Gonzalez
Maria Gonzalez

I am an art and craft fanatic, most items in my house have been upcycled and the art work is by me! I love to try new techniques and research new tips. By day I am a craft researcher and in my spare time I like to do acrylic pour paintings, make things and upcycle.

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