Amazing DIY Christmas Gifts

Amazing DIY Christmas Gifts

With christmas fast approaching now is the tie to think about what you will be gifting. With so many people to buy for the perfect solution is DIY Christmas gifts, not only are you saving $$ the gift has more value and is unique. Everybody loves receiving DIY Christmas gifts, you can’t go wrong. With these ideas you can easily make up to 20 items for under $20, the perfect solution for all your friends, family and co-workers.

DIY Lipbalm

Homemade lip balm


Slipper surprise

Who doesn’t love receiving slippers for Christmas, its the classic go to gift that you know will be gratefully received. Why not jazz it up with a few treats to really make it something special.

DIYslipper gift


Natural Infuser

Just the perfect gift for friends, these stovetop simmers make a house smell AH-MAZING (naturally)….no toxic fragrances for your piers.

Natural Infuser DIY Christmas Gift


Reindeer Hot Chocolate Cones

Why not surprise friends and colleagues with these hot chocolate reindeer cones, its the simple things that are really effective.

DIY Reindeer Hot Chocolate cones

Teddy Bear Sweet Treats

These teddy bear sweet treats turn giving a sweet treat in to such a cute Christmas gift. Very easy to make with a little time.

Teddy bear sweet treats

Fancy Oreos

These Oreo cookies were inspired by macarons so were a bit of a “fancier” version. If you know someone who likes Oreos, this could be a simple way to make them a little special.


DIY Soaps

Handmade soap rustic flowers


Mason jar sweet surprise.

This one doesn’t even have to be a mason jar, any jars can be used and recycled. The colour and window free of paint can be changed according to your requirements, but this makes a fantastic gift for anybody.

Mason Jar Christmas Gift

How to make this mason jar candy gift.

Reindeer Sweet Moments

Turn a bag of lollipops in to cute gifts for friends, stocking fillers, you could even make them in to hanging Christmas tree decorations and allow the kids a treat every few days.

Reindeer lollipop nose printable

DIY Macrame Coasters

If you are going to try Macrame then this is the tutorial to follow. Stylish boho coasters that once you get the hang of it are actually simple to make and a style that everyone is bound to love.

DIY Macrame Coaster








Maria Gonzalez
Maria Gonzalez

I am an art and craft fanatic, most items in my house have been upcycled and the art work is by me! I love to try new techniques and research new tips. By day I am a craft researcher and in my spare time I like to do acrylic pour paintings, make things and upcycle.

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