DIY Gifts They Will Love To Receive

DIY Gifts They Will Love To Receive

There is nothing better than a DIY gift. You are gifting someone your thought, time and creativity and those elements combined takes a handmade gift to a higher level than those of what money can buy. Its surprising what a little bit of creativity and flair can do with basic items to turn them in to stunning gifts that would actually cost a lot more to buy all ready made from the from the shop. Whether you are looking for a gift for a significant other, a family member, friends of colleagues we have a stunning selection of ideas to get you started.

Bubbly and chocolates with a twist

Who doesn´t like Ferrero Rocher and bubbly? This is a funky take on the old school chocolates and bubbly gift by dressing it up as a pineapple. Its easy to get the look by attaching the chocolates to the bottle creating the base of the pineapple, cutting dark green leaves from stiff paper and attaching with a glue gun and finishing off with roughly tied hessian and a cute label. Its the perfect gist for friends, relatives or the significant other.

ferrero rocher DIY gift, bespoke pineapple


A Mason Jar Of Their Favorite Sweets

The mason jar offers a stylishly designed container ready to customize to make that perfect gift for a special someone. There are so many possibilities to add to the jar to make a gorgeous gift for that special someone. Why not fill the jar with your recipients favorite treats from starburst to jelly beans. M&Ms to jolly ranchers. Customizable the jar with a matching ribbon to add a bit of style and flair.

Decoupage Flower Pot Gifts

This gift of a potted plant offers greater longevity over the flower bouquet. Why not customize the flower pot with the easy technique of decoupage. You can use any scraps of material you happen to have lying about the house, create a fun geometric pattern to co-ordinate with the plant.  Other ideas include their favorite pets, colors, pop stars, or a motif of something they like.

Decoupage Flower pot, DIY Homemade gifts


Pebble Art With Meaningful Phrase

Its easier than it looks to create a meaningful piece of wall art that is sure to be treasured. With a white frame, the right sized stones and sticks and a little imagination, you can create a touching piece of art, with the added value that it was made by you! Find the perfect meaningful quote to express what you want to say.

Pebble Art Handmade gifts, homemade pebble art decor


A DIY Mug gift hamper

For those who deserve a cuppa, or love their coffee, why not a handmade mug hamper. You can personalize mugs in many different ways from sharpies, decal transfer, to varnish marbling as in the image below. This technique uses all the the ingredients you probably have in the house already and the results are spectacular. Create a stunning gift that anybody would want to receive by turning your mug in to a hamper. Fill with hot chocolate sachets and marshmallows, your recipients favorite tea, sweet treats and biscuits. Top off with cellophane and a bow. Imagine the look on the receivers face when they realize you have personally made the mug!

Nail Polish Marbling Mug Hamper gift idea


An Explosion Box

They say a picture means a thousand words, so an explosion box with 12 available compartments must have the same value as…….12,000 words? Seriously a family moment in print is priceless and what better gift for a loved one is an explosion box with photos. It looks complicated but actually relatively easy to construct.

An exploding gift box DIY gift idea

Tutorial and template

DIY Mini Spa Kit

The perfect gift solution for someone who has it all. Make your own sugar scub and bath soak, all packaged up beautifully with a loofah. Who wouldn’t want to receive this? Perfect gift idea for Mums, friends, sisters even husbands.

DIY Mini Spa Gift Kit

Full tutorial

DIY Loofah Soaps

Such a great soap idea to add a loofah which not only acts as an exfoliator but looks so pretty! These exfoliating soaps look good enough to eat and something easy to make and can not be found on the high street, making it an exclusive gift.

loofah soaps perfect diy gift for her.


Macramé Planter

This is such a cute gift and surprisingly simple. It can be made in 5 mins (Yeah really!!), all you need is some macramé cord, your favorite potted plant and scissors! Mix up the colours to get the look you are going for, or add beads in the cord to get a different look. Ikea do some perfect plants that can be used.

Hanging planter macrame


A Vintage Candle

A stunning gift that you wont find on the high street. Always keep your eye out at thrift stores and second hand markets where you can pick up vintage china relatively cheaply and give them a brand new life. This gift is too nice to burn!

Vintage teacup candle

A Chocolate Bouquet

Another take on the classic flower bouquet, a bouquet of all their favorite sweet treats. To help keep them in place you can use floral foam in the gift box and wooden sticks. Simply tape the chocolates to the wooden sticks. Be sure to finish the bouquet with a cellophane or a bow to give it that luxury look.

chocolate hamper bouquet

Gold Decoupaged Mug Succulent Planters

I love succulents, they are stylish and modern with their design and last a long time. This is an excellent and easy way to present a succulent, with gold decoupage. It also means that once you throw out the plant you have a useful, afternoon hot chocolate sized mug to use.

decoupage flower pot


DIY Utensil Kit

This kit is perfect for taking to work. Its easy to make and can be made from any material you may have lying around the house.

DIY Utensil Kit


Personalized Scrabble Frame

The classic scrabble personalization all you need is a deep frame. It can be easily personalized for a meaningful handmade gift. There are so many takes on this classic gift item you can literally tailor it to suit anybody. Use the first letter of their name and decorate with flowers, add their names on the side of the photo frame and add mini pegs to hold photos or momentos, or create names intertwined like in a scrabble game.

Scrabble art gift

Source: @candycanecrafts_

Personalised Coasters

Costing less than a $5 to make, all you need is some Mod Podge, the tiles and a bit of felt for the feet to make this project. You can use photos of the recipients favorite flowers, pets or holidays, they really make the perfect gift.

Decoupage coasters


I hope these ideas have inspired you to get making your DIY gift for friends and family.

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