Best Ikea Nursey Hacks

Best Ikea Nursey Hacks

If you are looking to create your own personalised look without breaking the bank, then Ikea has some great options. After all, although designing a nursery is extra special for your little one, they do grow up really fast. Luckily there are many pieces in Ikea that with a little bit of effort can be personalised to get the perfect look for your nursery. We have collected some of the best Ikea nursery hacks for you.

10 Amazing Ikea Nursery Hacks You Need To See

@mein.lieblings has combined the classic Kallax with these teddy baskets to create the perfect look for the nursery. Sticking to neutral tones ties in the look.

10 Amazing Ikea Nursery Hacks You Need To See

This maskeg trolly can be used in so many places, but in the nursery it makes all the vital changing equipment at your finger tips and when not in use, it can just be stored away in the corner.

@lindsayannejohnson has repurposed the classic kids table and chair set using beige rattan, giving it a complete designer look.

Nursery reading Nook

@ikeahack has created this reading nook with a Kallax unit on its side, covered in board and then a fur rug; finish the look with some scattered cushions to match the rest of the room decor.

nursery house ikea hack

House shaped furniture is very much in trend, but it also comes with a designer price tag. Why not make your own using the basic pieces from Ikea like @ikeahacks

Nursery draw organisation

Keep onesies neatly organized and easy to find with these cool organisation hacks. Use the draw tidies to neatly store all the small items.

Gliding nursing chair

@jennmills has created this beautiful nook in her nursery. A gliding chair is the secret to comfy feeding and whether you bottle of breast feed a comfy resting spot is a must as you will be spending a lot of time there day and night!

Ikea Nursery dresser hack

When @stylishpharmacist couldn’t´t find the exact dresser she required for her nursery she decided to hack an all white Ikea dresser. Changing the draw colour and handles has really created the statement piece she was looking for and I think you will agree the results are amazing.

Cot skirt Ikea

@house_of_sydney has taken the basic ikea crib and turned it in to a designer piece with a bedding skirt and simple bunny pictures.

draw handles nursery Ikea hack

Just changing the draw handles on this Ikea piece @charelleddrummond has transformed it to an upmarket look. The neutral leather pull handles match perfectly with the rest of the neutral decor.

I hope these ideas have given you some inspiration for your nursery decor. A designer look does not have to cost the Earth, just a little TLC and imagination. Happy Nesting!!

Maria Gonzalez
Maria Gonzalez

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