The Secret To Amazing Cells!

The Secret To Amazing Cells!

Have you been disappointed with the cells in your acrylic pour painting? Perhaps you have been unable to get as many cells as you require or have the cells you create disappeared after the painting has dried? In this article I go through the exact fool proof measures to create beautiful cells in your acrylic pouring paintings to create cells to die for.

Now before we get ahead of ourselves let me explain to those new to this technique what a cell is. Its basically the little circles you get that appear after the acrylic ink has been let to do its magic on the canvas. Usually comprising of a mix of lovely flowing colours set in your original colour palette.

Now don’t get me wrong there are some people out there who don’t like the formation of cells in their paintings, yeah, mad I know!

So for amazing cells (results below) I am going to outline 3 very important steps that are crutial:

1 ) Paint consistency – This is crucial for the size and volume of cells you will be get, too thick and the paint is not free to work its magic. Depending on the thickness and consistency of paint you are using add your pouring medium to get the desired thickness. If you are using a swipe technique you need to have your paint thinner than a flip cup.  Check here for a low cost pouring medium.

2) Silicon (but not just any type of silicon) – You may have heard all sort of additives that are good for cells, coconut oil, WD40 even olive oil, perhaps you have tried silicon and still not got amazing results. Well there is a secret in the pouring community that many blush on the mention of their “secret ingredient” and that is a Silicon based personal LUBE!!!

Right you heard it correct, adding a few drops in to your acrylic paint (careful not to mix too vigorously) can work wonders when combined with the next piece of kit which is another essential item for cell creation.

If you happen to have some lying around to try be sure it contains DIMETHICONE, if not you can get some here.

3 ) Blow torch.

Either called an craft torch or chefs torch, both will suffice when it comes to adding heat. Certainly an addictive technique that will find it hard to stop before you have given it too much. We like this torch that is the most cost effective and still does the job!

Here are some amazing creations that have used the above technique and Ill think you will agree the results are breathtaking.

Maria Gonzalez
Maria Gonzalez

I am an art and craft fanatic, most items in my house have been upcycled and the art work is by me! I love to try new techniques and research new tips. By day I am a craft researcher and in my spare time I like to do acrylic pour paintings, make things and upcycle.

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