20 Super Innovative ways to organise a kitchen

20 Super Innovative ways to organise a kitchen

Kitchens require a lot of equipment. There are post and pans, appliances like coffee makers and toasters and utensils of various kinds. Kitchens may seem like they don’t have enough space to store everything you might need. But we are here to help!

Welcome to best 4 crafts and here are super inventive ways to organise a kitchen.

In a kitchen cupboard space is prime, if there is any way to expand the use of this space, you are already multiplying the space you have in the kitchen. One ingenious way is to use the space between the counter top and the cupboards by use a mug holder that attaches to the underside of cupboards. Not only will this gain space from inside the cupboards it will make your mugs easy access when you go to make your cup of coffee.

Adding a small trolly to the kitchen can add ample storage space. This trolly is perfect and has the advantage of being on wheels for added mobility.

small kitchen organisation trolly

One of my favourites is adding boxes on top of the kitchen cupboards. This is great for items that are not eveyday like medicines and tools. Be sure to use matching sturdy boxes that you will be able to get down from the cupboards without problems.

Having a place for everything is essential and spices definitely deserve their prominent place in the kitchen. Installing a specialised Spice Rack Organizer is a must and this one is perfect as it is placed on the inside of the cupboards keeping the counter space clear.

in cupboard spice rack kitchen organisation


By adding an extra layer to the inside of cupboards you are increasing your cupboard space and making it easier to access your crockery.

organization od crockery in the kitchen

Adding extra shelving multiplies your cabinet space and provides some valuable extra storage. This one is perfect as it can fit in the corner of a small space and is stylish too.

small kitchen shelving organisation

This next tip might seem obvious, but it is overlooked by so many people. Less is more. Minimilism definitely helps keep a small kitchen organised, try to keep items to a minimum, 6 plates, 6 cups, six glasses. You will find just donating all the mismatching glassware will free up amazing space and leave your kitchen cupboards looking a whole lot neater.

The inside of cupboards is a space that should never be forgotten, a fie organiser can be secured to the inside of the cupboard for storage of cling film or plastic bags and hooks can also be use on the inside of door for storage of rubber gloves.

add pegs to inside of cupboards for gloves

Saucepan lids are always hard to store and find and in small kitchens they end up being down low or out of reach. these holders are perfect to store the lids on the back of the cupboards so you can always find the right lid for the pan you are going to use.

sauspan lid Organization kitchen

For hard to reach areas like under the kitchen sink a great way to make all the space accessible is to add a turntable, this can be used to store cleaning products and a few extra rolls of paper towels. You will then be able to see what products you have by rotating the table instead of shifting everything around making more of a mess.

under kitchen sink organisation

If you have more to store this storage unit fits perfectly between the pipes and triples the space you have under the sink.

under sink organisation unit

Space and organisation can also be added to the fridge. These containers that attach to the shelves of the fridge are perfect for storing mortadella or eggs and it makes use of space that would other wise be empty

fridge organization

while we are on the subject of the fridge, these organisers are perfect for cans

fridge organization

You probably don’t use the walls of your kitchen to your utmost advantage instead mount wire baskets of complementing sizes, you can add fruit and veg, utensils, cleaning utensils and more.

wall baskets organization

If you love tea and coffee you probably have half a cupboard full of different varieties and boxes, this not only takes up a lot of space but hard to find the exact bad you are looking for. Instead use a dedicated tea bag organiser this is great as it can go horizontal or vertical.
coffee organizer

Minimizing size that utensils take is one way to increase space, this foldable colander is a great space saver and will stop you trying to find space to store this over sized gadget.

You can store your saucepan lids and frying pans vertical to occupy less space and allow easy access to the item you need.

storage of saucepan lids

A microwave takes up a lot of space. Adding a Microwave Shelf maximises the tea space on top or to the side.

Microwave shelf organization

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