20 DIY Sugar Scrubs – The Perfect DIY Gift

20 DIY Sugar Scrubs – The Perfect DIY Gift

Body scrubs are an essential part of any personal hygiene regime, they are amazing in deep cleaning the skin, removing dead skin cells and achieving a clear beauty complexion. Since the growing awareness of the damage to the environment of plastic micro-beads commonly used in some beauty products, the demand for natural scrub has increased. The best part of natural body scrub is they are very quick and easy to make and uses just a few simple ingredients thus makes the perfect gift to make for your friends and family.

The basic ingredients os sugar scrub is sugar, oil and the essential oils….. and thats it!

The oil added can vary between coconut, olive oil, avocado oil, linseed oil, you probably already have a presence on what type of oil you like to use on your skin

Now is time for the creativity, the scent, with this you can use natural ingredients as in some examples below, or add in your favourite essential oils, from lavender, peppermint, cinnamon, and vanilla you can literally change the scrub according to your mood.

Lastly a little colour, while not essential, colour changes the whole look of your scrub, a popular choice is numeric for a natural yellow, or you can use soap making colorants.

Here are a selection of 20 recipes for your perusal so you can make the perfect items for your friends and family.

Lime and coconut scrub

This recipe combines avocado and coconut oil which are really nursing for the skin and full of vitamin E, the sugar combination also makes for a solid exfoliation and the lime scent gives it that freshness for an energising experience..

lime and coconut body scrub


Lavender sugar scrub

This is a popular one due to the therapeutic benefits of lavender especially on trend at the moment due to its calming effect and anti anxiety, this recipe is amazing as it only uses three key ingredients.


Lavender Sugar scrub


Rose petal sugar scrub

Rose is such a classic fragrance and something everyone loves, the addition of rose petals adds a touch of luxury and elegance to the scrub.

rose petal sugar scrub


Coffee sugar scrub

Coffee has so many health benefits as it is an anti-oxidant in fact coffee beans when rubbed on the skin they have anti cellulite properties and help to tighten the skin. If thats not recipe in itself to go for a home made coffee scrub, then this recipe which combines coffee with almond oil leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Coffee sugar scrub

Vanilla sugar scrub

The best part about this recipe is it uses vanilla extract and online oil, ingredients most of us already have in the pantry. Olive oil is another oil with anti oxidant properties that is a great cleansing ingredient for the skin, it also had the advantage that it is high in vitamin E.

vanilla olive oil scrub


Mandarin body scrub

This is a fresh and simple scrub utilising the natural mandarin oils in the peel of the mandarins. These are full of anti oxidant properties, vitamin C and E for revitalised skin. Using three simple ingredients: sugar, coconut oil and mandarin oranges.

mandarin sugar scrub


Pepermint sugar scrub

The following sugar scrub has taken inspiration from the classic candy cane, and the results are adorable. Using peppermint oil and red cranberry for the colouring the result is a candy cane sugar scrub.

peppermint sugar scrub


Gingerbread sugar scrub

Perfect for the Christmas season, this sugar scrub takes all the festive spices (ginger, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg), combining with brown sugar to make a sugar scrub good enough to eat!

ginger bread sugar scrub


Lemongrass and ginger

For an energising sugar scrub, this is a nice option to freshen the body and awaken the mind, it is a great way to start the day. Containing lemon grass essential oil that promote circulation and joint function

lemongrass sugar scrub


Candy Cane marshmallow sugar scrub

The following scrub has achieved a high end look with the perfect combination of mixing colours. A mix of peppermint and vanilla would make the perfect sugar scrub for this look.

Candy cane marshmallow sugar scrub


Positive energy scrub/vanilla latte

Why not extend sugar scrubs as a mood enhancer, perfect for the current times. Mood lifting essential oils include citrus, eucalyptus and French basil, combine with sugar and almond oil and you have your positive energy sugar scrub.

An original take of the coffee sugar scrub, add vanilla extract or essential oils and you have your vanilla late sugar scrub

positive energy scrub


Peach passion tea

This following recipe uses peach passion tea, found at any Walmart.

peach passion tea sugar scrub


Emulsified Sugar Scrub

The next level of sugar scrub is the sugar scrub whip. This basically takes the sugar scrub a step further and emulsifies it in to more of a cream. This has the added advantage of being easier to apply while leaving your skin smooth without being oily.

emulsified sugar scrub


This whipped snow scrub uses the same technique with added mango essential oil and is a top seller.

wash me whip soap scrub


Matcha green tea face scrub

Did you know matcha green tea, is rich in EGCG which is known too keep acne away, acts as an anti inflammatory. Simply add matcha green tea powder and green tea to the basic sugar scrub recipe.

matcha green tea sugar scrub

Cucumber and melon sugar scrub

Such a winning combination, mild smell that everyone loves the cucumber and melon combo.

cucumber and melon sugar scrub


Pink lemonade sugar scrub

This gorgeous sugar scrub softens your skin beautifully and is all natural ingredients.

pink lemonade sugar scrub




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