20 Rattan Cane Ikea Cabinet Hacks – Boho Ikea Hacks

20 Rattan Cane Ikea Cabinet Hacks – Boho Ikea Hacks

If you are looking for an Ikea rattan cabinet then this post is for you. Whilst currently ikea does not sell rattan cabinet directly there are many styles you can hack in a weekend easily and cheaply. All you need is a little creativity to create the perfect item of furniture for your home and Ikea is the perfect starting point.

love Ikea furniture! Its contemporary design and low price point makes it the perfect blanc canvas for a hackable piece of furniture. This is the perfect way to loose yourself for a weekend and express your style. There is nothing more satisfying than creating a great work of art and saying to yourself “I did that!” everything you walk pass it.

A look that is right on trend right now is rattan cane, there is something so comforting about natural fibres that instantly brings a sense of calm to the room´s ambience. Adding rattan or cane to Ikea furniture is an easy and quick way to give the furniture a Nordic/bohemian edge that will fit perfectly in your home at a fraction of the price tag of some similar items in the store. We have searched high and low for the best Ikea rattan hacks, to help you create the perfect look in your home.


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20 Ikea Rattan Cane Ikea Hacks, Boho Ikea hacks


If you are looking for Ikea hacks, adding Rattan Cane to Ikea furniture instantly turns them in to a luxurious item and the look matches most decor styles. if you are looking for a natural bohemian look then these hacks are for you.

For the majority of these hacks you will need Rattan Cane and a glue gun.

Adding a candle to a room bring a sense of instant calm, pair this up with rattan candle holders and you have a look that will fit perfectly in any room. Adding rattan to glass candle holders turns some low cost glass candle holders in to expensive looking pieces.

20 Rattan Ikea Hacks - Candle Holder - Easy DIY

Source: @diydetaljer

Changing the handles for some leather pulls and rattan in the door brings and instant Nordic look to your furniture. This matches perfectly with white furniture and will brighten up any room.

10 Amazing Ikea Hacks With Rattan Cane

Source: @elihome_style

20 Rattan Ikea Hacks - 20 Ikea Cane Hacks - Easy DIY


If you are thinking to paint your furniture piece but are not sure which colour, here is a nice example of how black can create a more dramatic elegant look. Since rattan in neutral it ill match any colour, but the furniture colour should fit into the over all look.

20 Rattan Ikea Hacks - Easy DIY

source: @josefinegunhamre

The following has used the billy bookcase and integrated into the wall, again cream colours have been used and long black cupboard handles. Adding natural brickwork look wallpaper makes a great feature wall.

20 Rattan Ikea Hacks - Easy DIY

source: @klutmarkstation

Here is a Ivar Rattan Hack and one of my favourites, the delicate grey colour chosen brings such a sophisticated look to the unit. Tall long legs and rattan cane are a perfect finish.

20 Rattan Cane Ikea Hacks - Create The Perfect Boho Look

Source: @ninalindb

A very similar look, just changing out the legs and pull handles.


15 Must See Ikea Rattan Cane Ikea Hacks


The Ikea Kallax is such a versatile item of furniture and lends itself to so many Ikea Kallax hacks. Paint the furniture black for a dramatic look and team with neutral, natural accessories.

20 Rattan Cane Ikea Hacks - Create The Perfect Boho Look

Source: @strandgatans

Must See Ikea Rattan Cane IKEA Hacks


Its hard to believe the following hack started with a plain white Kallax.

Kallax rattan cane hacks


Ikea Rattan Cane Hacks




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